About one who stayed at home to be surprised
Eric Neunteufel, Vienna March 2000

Is that what I perceive, as reality presents itself to my sense organs, already the being as it is, are things really so as they appear to me, or is there another reality behind that, which is to be made out? Reason is given for this question because of the realized experience of the variability and briefness of the world to be aware. This is the central question looking at the Oevre of Kern´s Work.

Mythic thinking has no difficulties treating the phenomen of changeability. That things are sometimes so and sometimes different, that natural conditions alter, that sometimes it is day and than night, that things or living things sometimes appear and then disappear, that creatures change their shapes and that they present themselves sometimes in this perspective and sometimes in that – all these you can treat in a narrative way – and exactly that tries Joachim Kern. It belongs to the admirable assets of mythic art technique to turn one into another, on is going to be another...

The figures of mythos are able to go through different fates and chane their shapes. In Joachim Kern´s pictures the narrative flow is focused to a „cadre“. The spectator can choose to put one picture at the beginning or at the end of a story. It depends on him to entitle the „cadre“ and to start the story from this picture.

Once we have recognized the „cadre“ as such, we are able to put into a narration flow.